WWE 205 Live Results
Click Here: all stars nrl rugby jerseySeptember 26, 2018
Denver, Colorado

— Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson welcome us to 205 Live as per usual, as a video package from General Manager Drake Maverick runs down tonight’s show.

— LIO RUSH def. NOAM DAR. A very solid, back-and-forth opening match. Dar’s offense was full of big suplexes and strikes, while Rush worked a bit more of an aerial game putting his insane speed to good use. Dar at one point hit a release belly-to-belly suplex into the bottom turnbuckle and looked like he had it put away. After a series of strikes and kicks in the corner the ref backed him away, and Rush came flying out of the corner with a kick. Frog Splash connects to put it away.

— Drake Maverick hosted a backstage sit-down interview with both Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander, and his upcoming challenger Buddy Murphy. Cedric said that nobody has more pride than him, and that he has won every encounter they have had together because of that pride in being champion. Murphy told him he came “this close” to winning last time, and they were in Cedric’s hometown. He won’t need any excuses to beat him when they fight in Melbourne next week.

— BRIAN KENDRICK MURDERS A DUDE. This lasted literally ten seconds. Kendrick with a big kick out the gates, followed by the Captain’s Hook for an easy submission. RIP random dude.

— As Kendrick celebrated his victory, Drew Gulak continued to assault the already dead jobber. He hit him with a bunch of suplexes and nasty kicks, before the referee actually got around to checking on the poor soul. Kendrick, Gulak and Gallagher celebrated their “victory” together.

— TJ Perkins cut a promo backstage in a mask, saying that people accused him of disrespecting lucha libre when he removed LInce Dorado’s mask last week. He talked about working under a mask for years, referring to his days on Impact Wrestling as Suicide/Manic, and continued to trash lucha culture by saying he doesn’t care about grown men in Halloween masks, promising to make Kalisto tap out next week.

— MUSTAFA ALI vs. HIDEO ITAMI WENT TO A DOUBLE COUNT-OUT.¬†Another amazing main event match from the purple brand. Holy crap this was awesome. You could really tell these guys wanted to rip each other to pieces, and it was not the usual, friendly but competitive affair we’re used to seeing on 205. They kept kicking out of everything they had building up to the end. Ali went for his inverted 450 Splash, but Itami rolled to the apron to get out of the way. Ali climbed up again and hit the 450 but to the apron this time, damn near killing them both. They fell to the floor, barely moving, as the referee finally counted to ten. The show ended with Drake Maverick bringing medics down to check on both guys.