Last night’s episode of WWE Backstage featured a reunion between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

Punk was back on the Backstage panel for last night’s show, while Bryan was the featured guest for the episode. This was Punk’s seventh appearance on Backstage as an analyst and the first time he’s been on the show since May 13.

WWE on FOX uploaded a 26-minute digital exclusive version of Renee Young and Punk’s interview with Bryan:

Young, Booker T, Mark Henry, and Punk were the panel for last night’s Backstage. They discussed the nationwide protests that have happened since George Floyd was murdered in police custody.

Henry shared his experience of him and his family attending a protest in Austin, Texas, Punk got emotional while discussing hatred being stoked by those currently in power and his grandfather’s experience fighting Nazis, and Booker T urged people to be leaders and say something when they see racism and injustice: