— The following article was printed in yesterday’s edition of the Sunday Mail, a Scotland based newspaper.

“SCOTS wrestling star Drew McIntyre has secretly married his former Playboy model girlfriend. WWE Intercontinental champion Drew tied the knot with fellow wrestler Taryn Terrell in Las Vegas. Drew’s parents, from Ayr, got a call 15 minutes before the ceremony. His dad Andy Galloway, 50, said: “It was a shock, but we were really pleased.”

— On Jun. 8, WWE will release a three-disc DVD set on Undertaker focusing on historical gimmick matches, including casket matches, Hell in a Cell, and inferno matches. You can view the cover art for the DVD here.

— Yesterday was former WWE Champion Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s birthday as he turned 38 years old.

*Spoiler* – SHOCKING NAME appearing tonight on TNA Impact! ->