On the heels of last night’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, The Los Angeles Times has an article on World Wrestling Entertainment today. There is a lot of focus on WWE’s “family friendly” image, but there are some other interesting notes as well.

Vince McMahon said he hopes to launch a cable network “within two years.” He feels confident they will be successful because WWE has “a lot of clout” in the entertainment industry, noting their vast video library will help create content for a cable channel.

McMahon also added he’s not a big fan of agents. He gave the following quote: “I’m not a real fan of agents,” acknowledged McMahon. “As long as you are fair with everyone, why would you have an agent?” he wondered, adding that his top guys pull in “several million dollars a year.”

Another point brought up during the article is that of the female performers’ wardrobe as they’re much more conservative than they were in the past. Maria was quoted as saying “The guys miss it, but that’s how it goes,” and claimed that “some of the girls get reprimanded for “showing too much cleavage,” something that would’ve never happened a few years ago”.

Elsewhere, it’s noted that John Cena pushed for WWE to become PG as he felt the product had become “stale.”

“You can’t please everybody,” Cena said. “Our business was down and the product was becoming old and stale.”

WWE has since attracted more advertisers in hopes of appealing to a wider demographic. Triple H said the violence is now like “Wile E. Coyote,” with Cena adding “It’s less of ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ now.”

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