NXT this week opened with SAnitY coming down to the ring for a match. It was only the male members of the stable this time around, and Alexander Wolfe was missing. I’m not sure what happened to him exactly, but there you have it. This was Killian Dain’s time to shine and he faced off against former UK Tournament competitor Danny Burch.
Killian Dain vs. Danny Burch –
  I quite like this Danny Burch guy. I never got to see him during his initial NXT run, but there’s something about him that makes him a joy to watch in the ring nowadays. When Tom Phillips announced he would be part of the UK show during this match, I was happy for him. Although, this was meant to showcase Dain. Burch would try to hit Dain with every move in his arsenal, but the big man always found a way to overpower this small fry. After a quick, mostly one-sided match, Dain won with what is being called the Ulster Plantation.

Winner: Killian Dain
  After a commercial break, a video package for Patrick Clark aired. He will be re-debuting with the same androgynous/Prince rip-off gimmick, however, he will now be going by the name Velveteen Dream. I can’t wait, eeeek!
Heavy Machinery vs. Two Small Children… I mean Ricardo Watts and Hector Kunsman
  The big men faced off against two men who are puny and skinny by cruiserweight standards, and needless to say, they did not farewell against Heavy Machinery. I was half expecting Otis Dozovic to eat one of his opponents whole, he sort of looks like he could if he wanted to. He and Tucker Knight both doubled teamed them with some big power moves. Eventually, Otis bonked both of his opponets head together and picked them both up for a powerslam, but Tucker bounced off the ropes and collided with Otis to splash their opponents down. I think this was the first time they’ve done this move, and I hope they keep it forever.

Winners: Heavy Machinery
  After the match, I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind seeing these two fight the Authors of Pain one day.” I thought it would be a fun little match, especially Otis and Tucker could do that move I mentioned earlier on the tag team champions. Well, after the match, Tucker said that he wanted a match against the Authors of Pain for the titles. I realize that NXT is low on teams now, but seriously? These two just showed up! They managed to get the crowd to chant “beef” and “shakes and weights” while Otis acted all kooky in the background.  
  Backstage, we’re shown but cannot hear Bobby Roode talking to Kona Reeves, the latter of whom is facing Hideo Itami later in the show.

  The theme song for Takeover in Chicago is the new ‘Judas’ song by Fozzy. They aired a brief preview of the music video for the song, and the announcers did not acknowledge who this mysterious lead singer was. I think I know what happens when stupid idiots don’t recognize the lead singer of Fozzy… but, I won’t get into it here.
  DIY is interviewed backstage and are asked about Heavy Machinery facing off for the tag team titles. They enjoy the antics of the team, I second that, but said that they are owed a one-on-one rematch for the belts. They warned Heavy Machinery that the line for the belts starts behind them.
Hideo Itami vs. Kona Reeves
  The first time I saw Kona Reeves wrestler under his real name, I thought his name was actually Noah Potajees. You know, as in “no apologies?” As you can imagine, I was beyond disappointed when I heard it was pronounced Potjes. Come on, like Kona Reeves is such much better! Can you imagine the promos we could have heard? “I will defeat you for the NXT title, and when I do, you will get… NOAH POTAJEES! Such a missed opportunity. Anyway, Itami won with the GTS.
Winner: Hideo Itami
  A new video package aired for Drew McIntyre, and it showed him all the way back to when Vince McMahon declared him a “future world champion” on Smackdown back in 2009. They showed that and then… his NXT run circa 2017. First they don’t acknowledge Jericho and now Drew? Does WWE hate their wrestlers becoming freakin’ rock stars?
  Part 2 of the “Who is Roderick Strong” series aired. They showed his pregnant fiancee, who is one of Ronda Rousey’s “four horsewomen,” and the two of them preparing to start their family. They then show early highlights of Strong’s career in a promotion called IPW Hardcore Wrestling. Strong later mentioned that he spent thirteen years in ROH, and was even nicknamed “Mr. ROH” at one point. Eventually though, he decided to move on with his career. It wasn’t long before he was offered a job at NXT, to which Strong immediately took. They showed his fiancee, and later newborn baby, he vowed to wrestle not for himself, but for his family from now on.
  Roode sucks up to William Regal in his office for a bit. William Regal informs Roode that, after seeing the video package, Roderick Strong will face Hideo Itami next week on NXT. The winner will challenge Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at Takeover. All it took was a short biographic video for Strong to be a top contender? Why doesn’t everyone make one of these for Regal? Strong eventually came into Regal’s office and briefly stared down with Roode before the latter headed out.
  Aleister Black will be returning to NXT next week.
All NXT Female Wrestlers in a Battle Royal to face Asuka at Takeover. –
  When I first heard of this battle royal, I wondered if NXT even had enough women to put together a proper battle royal, and they really didn’t. They had some help after they added in a few workers in the Performance Center, as well as a few other frequently used female talents. The women all fought for a pretty decent amount of time before we saw in an elimination. Finally, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay eliminated some tall women named Victoria Gonzales, then they both eliminated Bianca Blair. Aliyah eliminated Rachel Evers, this got an absurd amount of negativity thrown Aliyah’s way. So much so, in fact, that when Aliyah was eventually dumped out, everybody applauded and even thanked Nikki Cross for doing so. Full Sail likes them some Rachel Evers, if only their were some sort of tournament she could compete in soon, or if she had a famous father working in NXT right now that could help her be a more permanent figure on the show.
  The eliminations were pretty much one right after the other from that point on. Peyton and Billie tossed out Sonya Deville and Sara Bridges, then Ruby Riot got rid of Kimberly Frankele, even Mrs. Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, showed up in this match. She was eliminated by Billie Kay. Ember Moon then tossed out Billie Kay to a surprising ovation. She then used her power to throw Peyton Royce over the top rope and onto the floor, and eventually she succeeded. Moon then gave the Eclipse to Nikki Cross and tried to carry her our of the ring, but she was too heavy for her move. Ruby Riot prevented Moon from eliminating Cross (for some reason) but was attacked by Ember Moon. With the crowd behind her, she attempted to go for a second Eclipse, but then Asuka pushed her off for the DQ. Yes, you did read that right. There was a disqualification in this battle royal.
Winner: No Contest
  Asuka assaulted all three of the women in the ring: RIot, Cross, and Moon. She gave a nasty shove to Moon on the floor and beat up the other two women. She then exclaimed that “Nobody is ready for Asuka,” did a little dance in the ring, and then literally ran to the back. Moon was shown being tended to by referees and she was clearly hurt. She started screaming, and banging her fist on the floor, before eventually crying. Nikki Cross though that this was hilarious. Tom Phillips said that his sources told him that William Regal was backstage trying to think up a solution to what Asuka had done. Literally immediately after he said that, Regal came out announced that the three women would face Asuka in a fatal four way match at Takeover in Chicago for the Women’s Championship. You have some terrible sources, Phillips.
  With that match now announced, it will be interesting to see what WWE will do from here. Ember Moon reportedly injured her shoulder after that fall from the turnbuckle, and will likely have to be removed from the match. No word on when she’ll be back, but it’s shame since WWE clearly had her positioned to be the one to defeat Asuka for the title. Ah well, what can you do? NXT Takeover: Chicago is shaping up, come back next week to find out who will face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at the event, or just read the spoilers. See what I care.

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