— Live from Sacramento, CA

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett
– We’re shown a recap of the events that led to this match. Before the match, Raw GM Brad Maddox is announced as the surprise special guest referee and Bryan does not look happy. Barrett sends Bryan to the outside where Bryan turns the tide, attacking Barrett’s leg across the ring apron. Back in the ring, he continues to work over the leg and Barrett bails to the outside where he regains the upper hand when Bryan misses a dive. Back and forth action both inside and outside. Bryan hits a suicide dive, brings it back in and kicks Barrett repatedly in the chest. The finish sees Bryan miss with a kick to the head allowing Barrett to roll him up and Maddox to count a very quick 1-2-3. After the match, an upset Bryan corners Maddox and considers beating him up but Maddox sneaks out and runs away. WINNER: WADE BARRETT

— Later tonight on Miz TV, John Cena and Daniel Bryan will be face-to-face.

— Also later tonight, CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman.

— Up next, Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow.

Damien Sandow vs. Randy Orton
– Cody Rhodes is at ringside for commentary. Cole, Lawler and JBL focus most of the match talking to Rhodes and his relationship with Sandow, how Sandow pushed him off the ladder at MITB and their upcoming match at SummerSlam. In the ring, they go to commercial with Orton in control after drop-kicking Sandow to the outside. Back from commercial, the action is back in the ring and Sandow is in control. Orton is pushed to the outside from the top turnbuckle and then back in, Sandow gets a two count. Repeated kicks to the back and the commentators are still preoccupied with all the scenarios of when Orton and Sandow will cash in their briefcases. Sandow works on Orton’s back and sinks in a front face chin lock but Orton powers up to his feet but Sandow drops him and refuses to let go. Orton finally breaks free with a suplex but Sandow nails him with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Orton fights back, signals for the RKO but Sandow blocks it and bails outside. Meanwhile, Cody tries to free the new-look briefcase which has been chained to the steel post by Sandow. With Sandow distracted by Cody’s actions, Orton sneaks up and nails the RKO for the 1-2-3. WINNER: RANDY ORTON

— Backstage, Rob Van Dam is shown stretching out for tonight’s 20-man Royal Rumble, with the winner facing Dean Ambrose for the US championship at Summerslam.

— Backstage, The Shield cuts a promo. They talk about being the New Generation and being hungrier and better, younger and better. Roman Reigns then says if there is any duo out there who wants to challenge them for the tag team belts, do it now. Dean Ambrose says he isn’t worried about anyone in tonight’s battle royal unless it’s Andre the Giant’s ghost.

— We see a replay of Brock Lesnar’s message to CM Punk that originally aired on Smackdown.

— Back live, CM Punk is asked why he accepted a match against Paul Heyman so close to Summerslam. Punk says why not, there isn’t anyone who is afraid of Heyman. Everything Paul does is calculated so Punk is skeptical of Heyman’s motives and says he must have all his pawns ready. Punk thinks he might see Brock tonight.

The Great Khali & Natalya vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee
– Before the match, we see a prerecorded interview with Langston, who cuts a promo on Dolph Ziggler and talks about their upcoming Summerslam match. Khali is ready to start but AJ is in the ring, skipping around Khali as the ref tries to get Khali to tag out to Natalya. AJ slaps Khali and Natalya is in and they go at it. AJ dominates and gets distracted by Hornswoggle so Natalya turns the tables and puts on a Sharpshooter. AJ taps but the referee legit doensn’t see it. That was actually the finish so everyone gets confused and Natalya kind of stands beside the ref expecting her hand to be raised. Then in a bizarre series of events, she just walks over to AJ and does the same sequence with the Sharpshooter again and gets the tap out. WINNERS: GREAT KHALI & NATALYA

— Backstage, we see Vince McMahon walking down the hall.

— They plug the one hour pre-Summerslam Kickoff Show with guests Booker T and Shawn Michaels.

— Vince McMahon struts down to the ring and tries to pump up the audience on his way out. He says there is some controversy regarding the earlier match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. We see a replay and he orders Brad Maddox to come to the ring. Maddox – still in his ref gear – is asked why he appointed himself as the ref. Maddox said Daniel Bryan matches tend to get out of hand so he thought the WWE universe would appreciate an authority figure with the guts to make the right decision no matter how unpopular it would be. Vince asks about the fast count and Maddox said he was a little excited and a little rusty. It was not intentional and he did the very best that he could. McMahon says there’s no reason to apologize if he did the best as everyone makes mistakes. Brad said he’d like a second chance. He wants to be the ref for the upcoming Summerslam match where John Cena takes on Daniel Bryan. Vince asks the audience whether they want to see this. Vince wants to know if Brad will be impartial? Would he call it right down the line despite any personal differences with either Cena or Bryan? Maddox says he would. Vince says would he call Bryan names like dwarf or a troll or make fun of his toothpick like body? Vince then makes him cross his heart and give him the Scout’s honor that he will be fair, Bryan agrees, so Vince starts to make it official.

— Triple H’s music hits while Vince is in mid-sentence and he smirks and slowly walks to the ring. Vince says that if Triple H is out here to air any dirty laundry, he prefers that he not come out. Triple H says he’s not out here to do that. Vince asks the audience not to feed Triple H’s ego any more than he already has. Triple H says while they haven’t agreed on a lot of things lately but given the importance of the match this Sunday and with there being more on the line than just the WWE championship, he agrees that someone needs to be there to take control of the match, someone impartial, someone who would call it right down the middle and 100% someone with the guts to do something right who would not be intimidated by anyone or anything. But Triple H doesn’t think all these traits refer to Brad Maddox but instead it sounds like him. Triple H then hits the Pedigree on Maddox as Vince kind of bites his lips, looks displeased and walks off.

— Later tonight, Miz TV will talk to both Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Also later, CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman in the main event.

Kane vs. Titus O’Neil
– Squash. Kane dominates the match and picks up a pinfall victory. Post-match activities are interrupted when the lights go off and Bray Wyatt is seen on the big screen saying he is here. We see him walking with his lantern along with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. When the lights come on, all three are in the ring but Kane has vanished and is at the top of the stage. Kane’s pyro goes off as Bray taunts him from the ringside area. WINNER: KANE

— Backstage, Josh Mathews interviews the Bella twins. We see what happened backstage on Raw last week. They talk about control of the Divas division and how they run the show. Natalya interrupts and challenges Brie Bella to a match. More divas enter the scene to back up both Brie and Natalya. Natalya says that Brie’s makeup looks really nice tonight as it covers up the spot where she got slapped last week. Brie says Natalya’s makeup sucks and she surprises her with a slap of her own. Natalya tries to charge Brie but is held back.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston
– Back and forth action to start before Del Rip crotches Kingston and hits him with a kick after hanging him upside down. Reverse facebuster by Del Rio followed by an attack to the face. Kofi then mounts a comeback, hitting a dropkick and then a leaping clothesline. Kofi with the Boom Drop and then later an SOS but only for a two-count. A nice sequence sees Del Rio counter a springboard maneuver then hit a gut buster across his knees. The finish sees Del Rio lock in the Cross Armbreaker and Kingston eventually taps out. WINNER: ALBERTO DEL RIO

— Backstage, we see Mark Henry preparing himself for tonight’s 20-Man Battle Royal.

— A video package showing Christian’s career is shown.

— Backstage, Christian is interviewed. Christian says he’s overcome injuries and put a lot of work. Christian promises to beat Alberto Del Rio at Summerslam and prove that all he needs is one more match. Del Rio interrupts Christian and laughs at him and said that Summerslam will be Christian’s last match. He taunts Christian with the belt and then walks away.

— Before the next match, Zeb Colter took the mic and said that California is not golden but instead a rusty piece of scrap iron in a junkyard. He said Californians have allowed 2.5 million illegal immigrants to cross the border and asked if the California Dream is actually dead. Zeb said his dream is still alive – a dream where a big earthquake hits Cali which then drifts out into the ocean. That will result in 2.5 million reasons why America will be a better place to live. He then asked the audience to stand and salute alongside him.

Real Americans vs. The Usos
– Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro isolate Jey Uso to their own corner and work away for several minutes. Finally, a hot tag to Jimmy Uso who cleans house. Back in the ring, Colter distracts the ref but it backfires as Swagger accidentally hits Cesaro with a kick. The Usos capitalize on Swagger and roll him up for a pin amid some confusion. After the match, Colter, Swagger and Cesaro are stunned. WINNERS: THE USOS

— The Miz announces Daniel Bryan and John Cena to join him in the ring. Bryan says this is a match that the entire WWE Universe deserves. Cena says this is the best Miz TV of all-time as usually it’s a train wreck. He is happy with Triple H’s appointment as referee and feels he will call it right down the middle. Miz asks Cena what his issue – his real issue – is with Daniel Bryan. Cena says there is nothing, except the WWE Championship. Bryan wants to be champion and he is the champion. He hand picked Daniel Bryan because he respects Bryan and he will put up a hell of a fight at Summerslam. Miz tells Bryan that Cena doesn’t respect him, it’s obvious he just wants to ride the wave of Bryan’s sudden and recent popularity. Bryan stops Miz and says if he doesn’t stop, he’ll punch him right in the face. Bryan questions why Cena thinks that all he can do is “put up a helluva fight” as if that is all he can do. Cena tries to explain, but Bryan shouts at him to not interrupt. Bryan talks about Cena having more style than substance, saying Cena is in wrestling for the fame and glory and not the wrestling itself. Bryan says that his shirt is a parody of Cena because Cena is a parody of wrestling. Bryan says he doesn’t want to be a parody, he wants to be WWE champion for one reason for only – that there is nobody better than Daniel Bryan.

— Cena takes his shirt off and says he’s not a parody, he’s out here for the same reason Bryan is out here and he points to the fans. He thought Daniel would be smart enough to understand that, all of these fans with their signs chanting yes yes yes or no no no. They do it because they believe in you and when you hear that, it empowers you and gives you emotion. Cena says it’s not just a t-shirt, it’s about the message the shirt represents – loyalty. Cena then says there are people who are still loyal to him and he will fight for them no matter what. Cena then says that he’s showed up every day for the last 12 years to bust his ass – not for people like Bryan but for the fans and he points at a couple in the audience as well as one that he met backstage. Cena says he’s proud of what he has become – a man who has been wrestling around the world for the last 12 years and faced the best. He says he’s wrestled everyone and beat them all – Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Rock…

— Bryan says he talks about those wrestlers as if they are better than him and Cena says yes, he doesn’t belong in that class. Cena says respect is not given, but if Bryan is good enough to hold the belt this Sunday, then and only then does he earn Cena’s respect. Bryan says there it is – Cena doesn’t respect him. Not only that, Cena isn’t even treating this match like his matches against the Rock and Shawn Michaels because he respected those guys. Daniel says Cena doesn’t understand the hunger he has to hold the WWE championship just once because Cena has held the belt 11 times, to him this is just another Summerslam. But for him, Bryan says this is the biggest match of his life. Bryan said he learned something in Japan to fire someone up. They take their hand and hold it has hard as they can slap that person in the face. He wishes he could do that to Cena right now but he can’t because Cena is not a wrestler and he doesn’t deserve it. Cena clears the area and offers up his face and without warning smacks Bryan in the face and tries to goad him into slapping him back. Bryan doesn’t do it and with that, Triple H’s music hits.

— Triple H tries to calm both guys down and Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton comes out and stands on the stage. He holds the briefcase up and they tease whether Orton will cash in the briefcase at Summerslam.

Fandango vs. R-Truth
– R-Truth interrupts Fandango and then dances in the ring. Fandango then asks for his music to hit and he shows his stuff. R-Truth then stops the music and tries to one-up him but Fandango hits him from behind. R-Truth then takes control with a tackle and sends Fandango to the outside and the match never even starts. Fandango then grabs the mic as he’s laid out on the outside and says “it’s Faaaaaandaaaaaango”. The commentators are left confused whether a match actually took place.

— Backstage, we see Ryback walking towards the ring.

— Backstage, we see Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman sitting around. Heyman tells Axel he is having second thoughts about this.

20-Man Battle Royal
– Rob Van Dam is out first, followed by Tons of Funk, 3MB and Ryback before we go to commercial as the rest of the particpants are introduced. When we get back, everyone is in the ring and they go after Mark Henry who fights them off. Ryback gorilla presses Justin Gabriel and sends him flying out of the ring. He then takes out another and then locks up with Tensai before clotheslining him out too. RVD is kinda wandering by himself in the middle of the ring. One of the Usos is eliminated by 3MB. Kofi attacking Ryback as the commentators try to explain Kofi’s aggression stemming from Ryback putting him on the shelf. Heath Slater sneaking around on the apron on the wrong side of the ropes. Fandago eliminated but comes back in and then throws R-Truth over the top rope. Commercial. When he come back, numbers are dwindling. Swagger, Cesaro, Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil, RVD, Kofi, Ryback, Wade Barrett and Ryback are left. RVD eliminates Titus while the Real Americans work on Kofi and he escapes a near elimination by executing a sunset flip but keep his feet off the floor. Finally, Swagger clotheslines him out, leaving us with six guys remaining. Ryback then levels RVD with the Rolling Thunder. Henry then takes out both Cesaro and Swagger himself and we’re down to four. Henry then eliminates Barrett, leaving the three main predictable guys left – Henry, RVD and Ryback. Henry and Ryback at it, RVD almost eliminates Ryback and then Henry finishes him off and sends him over the ropes and onto the floor. Final two are RVD and Mark Henry. RVD jumps on Henry’s back and locks in the sleeper but Henry breaks it. RVD to the top and Henry crotches him on the ropes. As Henry charges, RVD holds the top ropes down and Henry tumbles over and hits the floor. Van Dam wins the match and faces Dean Ambrose at Summerslam. WINNER: ROB VAN DAM

— After the match, Henry re-enters the ring and fist pumps RVD and then starts to leave. The Shield’s music hits and Henry comes back, though they are still outnumbered. RVD and Henry go back-to-back as they try to protect against a Shield attack. With that, the Big Show’s music hits and Show slowly makes his way to the ring. He greets RVD and Henry while the Shield make a hasty retreat back through the audience.

– Paul Heyman comes out and he says that doesn’t blame Punk for what has happened. Instead he blames the entire WWE Universe. Paul says CM Punk used to live for his respect, his adulation and affirmation and now he doesn’t live for his love, he lives for YOUR acceptance and blames the fans for taking CM Punk away from him. But tonight, he will take CM Punk away from the fans. All week he’s heard the rumors that it’s a trip, that Paul Heyman has set CM Punk up. Well duh, he is guilty as charged. Heyman says he didn’t think of the “trap” by himself, it’s a conspiracy and he had a co-conspirator. He introduces his best friend in the world, the Beast, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar comes out and Heyman then asks for a video package of Brock to air, which highlights the ongoing feud between the two wrestlers focusing mainly on Brock getting the upperhand. Heyman then announces stipulation – he will wrestle CM Punk tonight but only if it’s a two-on-one handicap match against both him and Brock. Is he going to play the smart coward or is he going to be the stupid hero?

– CM Punk’s music hits and instead of appearing from the stage, he sneaks in from the audience. He nails Brock with a camera and then suicide dives onto him on the outside as Heyman looks shocked. Punk grabs a chair and nails Brock on the back as Heyman runs back into the ring and covers his mouth with his hand. As Heyman turns his attention from an injured Brock, he realizes it’s just him and Punk left. He screams for Brock to get up but Brock can’t so he bails and runs out with Punk in pursuit. Curtis Axel comes running out to support Heyman but Punk beats him up and nails the GTS. The crowd chants “CM Punk” as Raw ends with Brock still unable to get up at ringside.