The September 25th edition of WWE RAW took place at the Citizens Bank Business Arena in Ontario, CA.

– Tonight’s broadcast kicks off with The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the ring for Miz TV. The Miz first gloats about his victory at No Mercy 2017 last night, and then he welcomes his guest who also won at the pay-per-view last night: Roman Reigns. Reigns comes down to the ring and sits down with The Miz. Miz asks about Cena, and Reigns says he respects Cena now. Reigns says Cena has been holding down the fort for 15 years and no other top guys in wrestling can say that. Reigns says last night was his biggest win ever, and he’s still sore and tired so he’s not sure why he’s sitting here talking to Miz. Miz says he is the one who is truly the guy, because he’s the one in the ring with a title belt. Miz says Jason Jordan is a loser, but Reigns disagrees and says if not for Axel and Dallas helping him, there is no way Miz could beat Jordan. The Miz says if he started the Miztourage five years ago nobody would remember The Shield. Miz asks what would happen if the Miztourage faced the Shield, and Reigns says the Shield would beat their asses. Reigns says his sights are set on the Universal Championship, and Miz takes offense to Reigns bringing up another champion in front of him. Miz says he’s the only one in the ring with a belt and he should be respected. Reigns says he’ll fight Miz right here and now, but Miz says he’s not dressed to wrestle. Miz says he also has a pregnant wife at home who needs him, so they have to leave. Before The Miz can make it to the back, Kurt Angle interrupts and says to tell Maryse he’s going to be late tonight, because the Miz is going to face Reigns tonight. Angle says Dallas and Axel can stay in the ring, because they have to face Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan right now!

– Jason Jordan & Matt Hardy def. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel: Jeff Hardy is at ringside in Matt’s corner. Jordan starts off against Dallas and immediately drops him with a suplex. Jordan delivers some elbows to Dallas, then Axel tags in and Jordan slams him into the corner. Jordan follows up with a Northern Lights suplex on Axel. Matt Hardy tags in and gets a loud ovation from the crowd. Matt drops Axel with a Russian leg sweep, then he follows up with a series of leg drops. Dallas runs in, but Matt and Jason clean house and dump both Miztourage members outside. Jordan throws Dallas into the fan barricade, but then Axel comes flying off the apron with a clothesline to Jordan at ringside. Back in the ring, Axel and Dallas double team Jordan briefly to take control of the match. Dallas hits a clothesline and a knee strike, then he whips him to Dallas for another knee to the body for a two count. Matt gets the hot tag and headbutts Dallas, then repeatedly slams his head into the turnbuckle. Matt follows up with a clothesline and a bulldog for a two count. Matt goes up to the middle rope and hits a flying elbow on Dallas. Matt hits a neckbreaker for a two count. He goes for a Twist of Fate, but Dallas escapes and rolls up Matt. Matt gets out and hits the Side Effect, but Axel breaks up the pin. Jordan runs in and spears both Dallas at Axel, then suplexes Axel. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Dallas for the three count. Matt and Jordan high five after the match, and Jeff climbs in to celebrate with them.

– Still to come, Roman Reigns vs. The Miz, and an in-depth look at last night’s Universal Title match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman.

– Elias is in the ring for a song about Apollo Crews being a loser, and says Titus Worldwide will fail. Elias sings that this town is an awful place, and then he’s interrupted by Crews’ entrance.

– Elias def. Apollo Crews: Titus is at ringside in Apollo’s corner. Collar and elbow tie-up to start. Crews backs Elias into the corner and Elias answers with an elbow to the face. They trade headlocks until Crews backflips away from Elias then hits Elias with a dropkick. Crews fires up and delivers a kick to the head of Elias that sends him outside. Crews hits a suicide dive onto Elias outside, then he chest-bumps Titus in celebration. Elias hits Titus in the knee, so Crews grabs Elias and throws him back in the ring. Crews checks on Titus before rolling back in the ring. Elias boots Crews in the face as soon as he rolls in, then he hits his finisher for the win. Titus climbs in the ring and briefly brawls with Elias before Elias rolls out of the ring and retreats up the ramp.

– Finn Balor is up next.

– Finn Balor is backstage for an interview where he thanks Bray Wyatt for pushing him last night. Balor says he hopes Wyatt has a sense of humility, not just for him but also for Goldust and the other people Wyatt mistreated. Balor says now that he’s done with Wyatt, his goal is back on getting the Universal Championship back.

– Curt Hawkins is in the ring where he says he’s sick and tired of being the guy with the losing streak, so that all ends tonight. Hawkins asks who wants to make history with him tonight, and then Braun Strowman’s music hits.

– Braun Strowman vs. Curt Hawkins – No Contest: Strowman charges down to the ring and Hawkins rolls out of the ring. Hawkins starts leaving through the crowd, but Strowman jumps the barricade and chases Hawkins around the stage. Strowman grabs Hawkins and chokeslams him through a table. He throws Hawkins onto the stage and Hawkins begs for mercy. Strowman picks up Hawkins and hits a running powerslam through one of the screens on the stage. Refs check on Hawkins while Strowman storms back down to the ring. Strowman gets on the mic and says after last night he’s on a warpath, and he asks who is going to come out and give him a fight tonight. Dean Ambrose’s music hits and he appears to be challenging Strowman. Ambrose makes his way down to the ring, and we have a match.

– Braun Strowman def. Dean Ambrose: Strowman takes control of this one early on. Ambrose keeps taunts Strowman to bring it on and slaps Strowman across the face a couple times. Strowman hits some headbutts on Ambrose then throws him outside. Strowman whips Ambrose into the fan barricade, but Ambrose comes back with a poke to the eye then he shoves Strowman into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Ambrose pummels on Strowman, then manages to throw Strowman outside. Ambrose comes flying out of the ring into Strowman at ringside and Ambrose hits a tornado DDT on the monster among men. Back in the ring, Ambrose continues bringing the offense to Strowman. Strowman goes for a chokeslam, but Ambrose escapes. Strowman goes for a spear in the corner but misses and hits the ring post. Ambrose goes for a flying elbow on Strowman, but Strowman catches him and hits a running powerslam for the three count.

– Kurt Angle is backstage talking to the ref for tonight’s Roman Reigns vs. Miz match. Angle tells the ref to watch out for the Miztourage tonight, and then he’s interrupted by Enzo. Enzo says he’s a star and should get a celebration tonight for his Cruiserweight Title win last night. Angle says he’ll give him a celebration tonight then goes to offer him some advice from a Hall of Famer, but Enzo declines the advice.

– Dean Ambrose is backstage selling his beating from Braun Strowman. Rollins asks Ambrose to stop being so self destructive so they can focus on defending the Tag Titles. Rollins says he’s going to challenge Strowman to a match next week, but tonight, he’s facing Sheamus.

– Alexa Bliss is out to the ring next for a promo. She says she’s disappointed in the whole WWE Universe because the fans don’t respect her for beating four women last night at No Mercy. Mickie James comes down to interrupt and calls out Alexa for talking trash on RAW Talk last night. Mickie challenges Alexa to say what she said last night on RAW Talk. Alexa says it’s been years since Mickie has been relevant, and she doesn’t want to see Mickie break a hip in a match against her. Mickie challenges her again to say it to her face, but Alexa seems to back down. Mickie says either she says it, or she leaves the ring because the WWE ring is no place for a coward. Alexa calls Mickie an old lady, so Mickie slaps her across the face and kicks her in the head.

– We’re shown another video package promoting Asuka’s debut at TLC on October 22nd.

– Seth Rollins def. Sheamus: Cesaro is at ringsie for this one. It’s all Sheamus on the offensive in the opening moments of this one. Rollins takes Sheamus outside and the brawl around ringside, then taunts Cesaro. Back in the ring, Rollins springboards in but Sheamus catches him nad hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus stays in control and beats down Rollins all over the ring, then powerbombs Rollins. Sheamus hits a knee to the face on the apron that draws a big reaction from the crowd. Back in the ring, Sheamus goes up top and comes flying off, but Rollins dodges him and hits a superkick. Rollins follows up with a knee to the face for the win.

– Finn Balor is backstage and he walks into Goldust. Goldust is now back in facepaint, and he’s not pleased with Balor. Goldust asks Balor what gives him the right to take shots at him, and says he’s not a victim. Goldust says he doesn’t need Balor’s help, he can do it by himself. Balor says he considers Goldust a friend and he wants to sincerely apologize for offending him. Goldust extends his hand to fist bump Balor, but instead he slaps Balor across the face. Goldust beats down Balor all over the hallway, then quotes The Godfather 2 before leaving. Goldust walks off as Balor is laying on the ground.

– Roman Reigns def. The Miz: Axel and Dallas are out at ringside in Miz’s corner. Reigns starts off with a right hand on The Miz, and the IC Champion rolls outside to recover. Back in the ring, Reigns goes back to work on The Miz, but Axel cheap-shots Reigns from behind while the ref isn’t looking. The Miz capitalizes and stomps on Reigns before putting him in a headlock. Reigns fights out and drops Miz with a right hand. The Miz throws Reigns outside and Miz distracts the ref while Axel and Dallas beat down Reigns at ringside. Back in the ring The Miz hits a series of dropkicks in the corner, but Reigns dodges one and plants The Miz with a Samoan Drop. Reigns delivers a series of clotheslines to Miz in the corner, then hits a big boot to the face. Reigns gets distracte by the Miztourage at ringside, and Miz capitalizes with a running clothesline onto Reigns in the corner. The Miz delivers a series of kicks to a grounded Reigns. Reigns blocks a kick and goes for a powerbomb, but The Miz escapes. Reigns hits The Miz with a superman punch, then Reigns decks both Axel and Dallas. The Miz comes back with a kick and a DDT for a two count. The Miz attempts a Skull Crushing Finale, but Reigns throws Miz off and spears him for the three count.

– After the match, Dallas and Axel attack Reigns from behind. Dallas and Axel take turns stomping on Reigns as The Miz recovers. Reigns fights off Dallas and Axel, then he hits the Superman punch on Miz. Reigns goes for a powerbomb on Miz, but Axel and Dallas nail Reigns with steel chairs. They repeatedly beat Reigns with the steel chairs Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Reigns. The Miztourage starts heading to the back, but then The Miz changes his mind and decides to punish Reigns come more. Miz, Dallas and Axel hit the ring again and deliver more steel chair shots to Reigns. Miz gives Reigns a Skull Crushing Finale onto a steel chair, then Miz hits Reign with another steel chair while he’s down. The Miztourage does the Shield fist-bump above Reigns before leaving.

– Finn Balor is backstage getting ready to come out to the ring, he’s got a match with Goldust up next.

– Finn Balor def. Goldust: Balor and Goldust start throwing hands right off the opening bell. The fight spills out to ringside early on where Balor beats down Goldust around the ring. Goldust comes back by throwing Balor into the ring post, then he throws Balor into the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Balor and Goldust trade strikes. Balor goes to springboard off the turnbuckle, but Goldust kicks him in the sternum and then delivers a spinebuster for a two count. Goldust pummels on Balor and does some of his old school taunts. Balor attempts a suplex but he drops Goldust and sells a rib injury. Balor does hit a Pele kick, then he trips up Goldust and repeatedly stomps on him. Balor hits the Sling Blade, then follows up with the Coup De Grace for the win.

– Before Balor can leave the ring, Bray Wyatt interrupts via a light show and “he’s got the whole world in his hands” playing over the speakers. Wyatt doesn’t appear on the big screen or in the arena, and Balor heads backstage.

– Bayley and Sasha Banks meet up backstage and talk about last night’s match. Sasha says she was so close to getting her Championship back, just for it to get taken away. Bayley says Sasha isn’t the only one. Sasha says they need to focus on teaming up tonight. Bayley says every time she closes her eyes she sees Nia Jax laughing at her, so tonight she’s going to make Nia feel her pain.

– Enzo interrupts Kurt Angle on a phone call backstage and says he needs more help setting up his Cruiserweight Championship celebration tonight. Enzo says he wants a “no contact clause” for his celebration tonight, so if Neville or anyone else assaults him they won’t get a Title shot. Kurt Angle tells Enzo he’s annoying as hell, and tells him to go away.

– Bayley & Sasha Banks def Nia Jax & Emma: Bayley starts off with some kicks on Nia, but Nia shuts her down with a punch and a splash in the corner. Nia works on Bayley’s bad shouldn’t and goes for a Samoan Drop, but Sasha breaks it up. Nia hits Sasha to the outside, then throws Bayley outside too. Back in the ring, Emma tags in and continues beating down Bayley. Nia tags back in and goes back to work on Bayley’s shoulder. Emma tags back in but Bayley drops her with a boot to the face then she knocks down Nia on the apron. Bayley kicks Emma backwards into Nia, then Bayley gets the hot tag to Sasha. Sasha hits a hurricanrana on Emma. Sasha tries to knock Nia off the apron, then she hits a double knee strike on Emma. Nia breaks the pin, then Bayley and Sasha throw Nia outside. Sasha hits a splash off the apron on Nia, then Bayley throws Nia into the ring post. Back in the ring, Emma rolls up Sasha for a near-fall. Sasha comes back with a knee to Emma, then Bayley tags in and hits a belly to belly suplex on Emma for the win. Sasha and Bayley celebrate their win while Nia glares from ringside.

– Enzo is backstage getting ready to come out to the ring to celebrate his Title win last night.

– The ring is covered in red carpet, and Enzo Amore comes out for his Cruiserweight Title celebration ceremony. Enzo says all of his haters are jealous of his new Cruiserweight Title, including his former partner Cass. Enzo says he hears the crowds chanting “you can’t wrestle” at him, and he says that John Cena, Batista, and The Rock also got chants like that in the past. A “certified G” jersey is in a glass case in the ring. Enzo says he did what no other wrestler could do, he made 205 Live relevant. Enzo gets interrupted by the 205 Live theme song, and Enzo asks what that “horrible music” is. The 205 Live roster comes out to the stage, and Enzo calls them haters. Enzo cuts a promo on some of the cruiserweights, calling Cedric Alexander “the man charisma forgot,” and he says he thinks Gran Metalik weighs more than 205 pounds. Neville’s music hits and the former Champion comes out to the stage. Enzo cuts a promo on Neville, and Neville responds by saying nobody can tolerate Enzo because he’s so annoying. Neville says Enzo was dumped on their doorstep at 205 Live because no other show would take him. Neville says if it were up to him, he would have left Enzo out in the cold to rot, but the people behind him insisted he join the show. Neville says Enzo trashes them all to repay them, but Enzo says he’s getting eyes on 205 Live to make them all stars. Neville says Enzo hasn’t done that, and has made a joke out of the cruiserweight division. Neville says on behalf of the entire cruiserweight division, he’s here to end him. Enzo says he has a clause where if Neville touches him he’ll never get another Title shot. Enzo calls Neville a “Golem,” and says the only reason Neville is in the main event segment of RAW is because Enzo is a real star. Enzo says all of 205 Live’s merchandise checks combined wouldn’t equal one of Enzo’s merchandise checks. Enzo says Neville can’t touch him, and tells him to get out of his ring and he’ll see him on 205 Live tomorrow. Neville has hear enough and he kicks Enzo in the midsection. Neville beats down Enzo all over the ring, then throws Enzo outside and lams him into the fan barricades. Enzo tries to retreat up the ramp, but the other cruiserweights stop him and send him back down to the ring. Neville grabs Enzo and throws him in the ring, then he shoves the “no contact clause” paper gave him into Enzo’s mouth. Neville superkicks Enzo, then goes up top and hits the Red Arrow on Enzo. Neville stares down at Enzo as RAW goes off the air.