WWE taped this week’s edition of SmackDown from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Special thanks to Wrestling News World readers Brent Garrison and Travis for text-messaging the following results. If you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in assisting with our live coverage please email me your name, mobile number, and show date to wnwryan [at] yahoo.com.

* A WrestleMania XXIV video package is shown.

* Lilian Garcia comes out to begin the Raw taping. The crowd is said to be very hot as Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole come out for commentary.

Dark Match:

* Jimmy Wang Yang b. Takeshi Morishima w/ Tony Atlas
– I was told that Morishima did not work under his real name and the crowd was hot for the bout. Yang won with a moonsault.

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday)
* Triple H opens SmackDown with an Unforgiven promo. Shelton Benjamin comes out and interrupts saying that he plans on adding a little more gold to his collection.

MVP comes out and says he is better than everyone and Shelton is more like fools gold. Brian Kendrick comes out and attacks Hunter from behind. MVP and Shelton Benjamin join in on the attack until Jeff Hardy comes out for the save.

* R-Truth b. Bam Neely
– Killings comes out through the crowd rapping. Chavo was at ringside with Neely. Killings scored the win via pinfall.

* The Undertaker comes out. He cuts a promo about Vickie’s dead lifeless body and burning flesh. He says she can join her husband Edge in hell.

* Shelton Benjamin b. MVP
– Shelton got the win via pinfall.

* Maryse b. Maria
– After the match Michelle McCool comes out and stares down Maryse.

* Brian Kendrick b. Jeff Hardy
– Kendrick got the win via pinfall after interference from Ezekiel Jackson.

* Super Crazy b. Ryan Braddock
– After the match Vladimir Kozlov comes out and attacks Super Crazy. He then talks about not having any competition. Big Show comes out to the ring.

* Big Show vs. Vladimir Kozlov
– Vickie comes out and says she will not allow for the match to happen. She demands that the Big Show get out of the ring and go home or he will be fined and suspended.

Vickie is drawing so much heat you can’t hear what she is saying. She does however say that she will no longer let the Undertaker intimidate her. She will not allow it on SmackDown.

* Brie Bella b. Victoria
– Brie got the win via pinfall. She dominated throughout the match.

* Triple H is shown backstage. Jeff Hardy interrupts and says that Hunter has a big problem and that problem is him. Hunter pretends he is on the phone and hands it to Jeff saying it’s Doctor Black.

* Triple H b. The Great Khali in a lumber jack match
– Jeff Hardy, MVP, Brian Kendrick, and Shelton Benjamin are lumber jacks on the outside. Triple H gets the win via pinfall after a pedigree on Khali. He then proceeds outside to pedigree the lumber jacks.

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