WWE Vintage Collection Report: July 15th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Aloha! It’s all about the Island Boys this week, as the “Best in the World” series moves to showcase stars that have come out of Samoa and Fiji. Unfortunately, for fans of Haku and the Barbarian, the Island of Tonga hasn’t made the cut. Let’s begin!

WWE SmackDown! February 5th 2004
WWE Tag Team Titles: The Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua vs Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi
The dancing duo blindside the champions as revenge for getting beat down the previous month. Rikishi drops a leg on Danny, before Scotty dropkicks him to the floor. Shaniqua distracts Scotty, allowing Doug to clothesline from the apron. The Bashams drop Scotty across the top rope and isolate him. Danny holds a leg to prevent a tag, while Doug applies a facelock to stop Scotty crawling underneath. The Bashams target Scotty’s surgically repaired neck. Doug hits a neckbreaker, while Danny delivers a spinning back suplex. Scotty slips down from Doug’s attempted suplex to make a tag. Rikishi mows down the champions with a double clothesline, then backs that ass up in the corner with a Basham sandwich. Danny walks into a savot kick, while Doug gets tossed. Scotty sets up for the W-O-R-M, but gets tripped by Shaniqua. Rikishi pulls the Amazon into the ring for a Rump Shaker, but Doug sledges Rikishi off the ropes. Doug connects with a guillotine legdrop. 1-2-kickout. Doug is in disbelief. Scotty counters a sneak attack with a hot shot. A dazed Doug staggers into a samoan drop. 1-2-3. New champions! Winners: SCOTTY 2 HOTTY & RIKISHI. After a two and a half month reign, the big Kish would be released after refusing to drop weight.

WWF Prime Time Wrestling: March 19th 1985
“Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs Cowboy Bob Orton
Snuka’s heated feud with Rowdy Roddy Piper also involved Piper’s sidekick Orton. Okerlund bills this as a grudge match. Orton gets perched and crotched in the corner to begin. Snuka holds a side headlock. Both criss cross over the ropes, Snuka leapfrogs Orton a couple of times, and Orton avoids a karate shot by diving out of the ring. Snuka chases him back in. Orton takes a page out of Snuka’s book and tries a leapfrog, but gets caught with an atomic drop.

Orton uses his own atomic drop to take control of the match and punish Snuka on the apron. Orton suplexes Snuka back into the ring, before diving off the top rope into Snuka’s knees. Snuka builds momentum with karate shots, a flying fistdrop and backbreaker. Snuka misses a kneedrop from the second rope, but quickly recovers to avoid an Orton charge and post the Cowboy’s shoulder. Orton manages to send Snuka out to the apron, but the Superfly sunset flips his way back in for the 1-2-3. Disappointing not to see the Superfly splash and the match wasn’t terribly exciting either. Winner: “SUPERFLY” JIMMY SNUKA.

WWF Tuesday Night Titans: October 16th 1984
WWF Tag Team Titles: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs The Wild Samoans
Captain Lou Albano is the guest referee and former manager of the Samoans, who were looking to win the titles for a fourth time. The crowd favour the Samoans. Sika dishes out backbodydrops as the challengers clear the ring. Murdoch mistakenly attacks Sika’s head which has no effect. The champions receive a double noggin knocker. Albano deliberately slow counts Murdoch and Adonis as a ploy to get them back in the ring. Sika ducks a backelbow and slams Murdoch. All four are in. The Samoans deliver a pair of slams, toss Adonis and give Murdoch a double clothesline.

Afa finds himself trapped in the wrong corner. Adonis tries to put him to sleep with Goodnight Irene, but Afa runs Adonis face first into the corner. Afa gives Murdoch an atomic drop. Sika re-enters, only to get double teamed. Adonis slams, but gets caught up top and headbutted to the floor. A double headbutt puts Murdoch down. The Samoans have him beat, but Albano stops counting at two to tell Afa he’s not the legal man and Sika isn’t holding the tag rope. The Samoans put their hands on Albano who calls for the bell. The champions grab Afa to give Albano a cheap shot, but Sika runs in to send Albano and company packing. The Samoans are left in the ring with the titles, but wouldn’t win them again and would soon depart the WWF. Winners via DQ: ADRIAN ADONIS & DICK MURDOCH.

WWE Raw: July 29th 2002
The Rock vs Ric Flair (Non Title)
In a pre-match promo, Rock says only one word can describe this match, “Wooooooo.” Rock impersonates Flair’s customary strut as he walks off camera, then back on, off and on again. We’re in Greensboro, North Carolina too which is deep in Flair country. Rock is the reigning WWE champion, getting ready to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. After a standoff, the two exchange headlocks, tackles and armdrags. Rock teases a clean break out of the corner, only to take a shot at the Naitch and turn the crowd. Rock chops away and struts. Flair turns the tables, then clotheslines Rock to the floor. Inside, Flair drops Rock onto his leg. Rock kicks off a Figure Four attempt, nips up and hits a clothesline. Flair walks into a spinebuster. The People’s elbow is blocked as Flair attempts another Figure Four, but Rock quickly counters into a Sharpshooter. Flair makes the ropes, so Rock pulls him away and goes to re-apply the submission, only for Flair to thumb the eye and slap the Figure Four on. Rock tries to turn it over, but manages to grab the bottom rope. The two go back-and-forth in the corner. Flair blocks right hands, chops away and knocks Rock down. Flair struts, Rock nips up, hits the Rock Bottom and it’s goodnight Flair! 1-2-3. Winner: THE ROCK. Rock extends his hand after the match, Flair accepts and the Naitch endorses the People’s champ, as we cut back to the studio. Flair would cut a promo after Rock leaves and get attacked by Chris Jericho to set up a SummerSlam bout, which Flair would win. I can’t believe this was ten years ago. How time flies.

Okerlund says we’re not even halfway through the “Best in the World” series and promises a new set of countries next week, but doesn’t reveal any details.

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