Saturday, April 14 went down in history whether or not you’re a member of the Beyhive.

Beyoncé gifted us with one stellar Coachella performance that not only proved she’s the queen of getting everyone’s attention, but also that there’s more to music than good jams. She upped the ante in five Balmain looks, and also focused her show on celebrating black pride and sending a strong, bold message.

Yes, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, but Queen Bey’s over-100 dancers and guest appearances (hello Jay-Z, Solange Knows, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams) made us forget all about that—not to mention the hit after hit after hit she performed. But where can you catch the first show, and how can you tune into her second performance this Saturday?

Unfortunately, you can’t. YouTube streamed the entire first weekend of Coachella live, and 58,000 viewers reportedly tuned in to watch Beyoncé’s set last Saturday. All together, the weekend’s stream drew 41 million live viewers across the globe, making it the most-watched music festival ever on YouTube. Despite the success, YouTube originally only planned to stream the first weekend. While Beyoncé’s performance aired once again on Sunday, the live stream quickly moved on to feature other artists performing, and we were only left with seconds-long, blurry clips found on social media.

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According to Variety, we won’t be able to watch her original show nor her upcoming Coachella performance. “It was a one-time livestream,” a Beyoncé rep told Variety. A Youtube rep also said, ““Unfortunately the livestream is not available on demand.” While Variety suggests that Beyoncé could announce an exclusive stream on Tidal, the word so far is that if you didn’t watch it live last weekend, you missed it. Another option? You could listen to the audio on Sirius XM’s Coachella station.

Our suggestion? Follow #Coachella and #Beyonce hashtags when she performs again this Saturday at 11:05 p.m. PT, and catch the action on Twitter and Instagram.

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